Living Better Through PACE@Home

Joan joined PACE@Home in the spring of 2012.

At that time, she was living with her daughter, experiencing severe pain, and in need of 24-hour assistance. Most of the time, she was tearful and barely communicative.

To combat these symptoms and improve Joan’s quality of life, PACE@Home’s interdisciplinary team – composed of the medical director, nurses, social workers, and recreational and occupational therapists – achieved the following:

• Modified her mix of medications

• Addressed her pain management

• Offered support to her caregivers

• Engaged her in activities and increased her socialization

• Arranged for in-home aides to provide relief for her caregiver

Following this regimen, Joan has a completely different outlook a year later. She’s often the life of the party. Her smile is quicker, and it makes others smile. She frequently participates in shuffleboard, beachball volleyball, and musical chairs. Plus, when music plays, Joan dances rather than walks these days.

She is also markedly more independent and has a wealth of mobility. She frequently spends periods of time alone in her home, and she’s not had a fall in over a year. By all accounts, she appears to enjoy life a lot more. And along with her health, her attitude has blossomed.

Joan’s tears are also in the past, and she’s fond of saying, “If it wasn’t for PACE, I would probably still be in the bed.”