PACE@Home is pleased to share first-hand comments from participants, families, and caregivers about how the organization's care improved their lives. These notes and stories offer an indication of the personal attention we provide to each participant. Please browse the entries below for more details.

Having PACE@Home encourages my dad to stay active and lets him hang out with his friends. It’s a relief to know I have someone to help me with his care.
— Caregiver of a PACE@Home participant
PACE@Home makes me feel safe. I’m not alone at home, and I know that I’m improving thanks to the physical therapy. My medical needs are taken care of immediately.
— PACE@Home participant
PACE is a safe haven for my loved one. As an 88-year-old caregiver, I shudder to think what would have happened to me, my husband, and our family, had we not found PACE when we did. Thank you!
— Caregiver of PACE@Home participant
I love the way they treat me. Smiling faces come toward me and make me feel better.
— PACE@Home participant

At the heart of PACE is a sense of connection.

Anyone who has had a loved one uplifted by PACE@Home knows the reassurance and relief that all-inclusive care can provide – and the community it builds. If you would like to help ensure that PACE continues to be available for local folks, your consideration would be welcomed.

If you would like to make a donation, 
please write a check to PACE@Home and mail to:

1915 Fairgrove Church Road SE
Newton, NC 28658

If you have any questions about giving, please call (828) 468-3980.
Thank you for your interest in supporting quality care in our community.


If we have encouraged you or made life easier for your family through our care, please share your story with us.

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Updated 2.21.19